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Instructions for becoming a vendor on our Virtual Farmers’ Market on

Welcome!  We’re excited that you are here to build a vendor store on our virtual farmers’ market.  We are all about supporting local farmers, artisans and other vendors.  We’ll try to make the process of signing up as easy as possible for you.  If you have any questions or concerns about registering your store or setting it up, please contact us at

Registration Instructions

In order to register your store, you will need an invitation from your local farmers market manager.  You will receive an email containing a link to the registration page on your particular market’s website.  We are not publicizing this link for security reasons.

Once you have received the registration link, you can click on it or copy and paste the link into the web browser of your choice.  We prefer the Chrome and Brave browsers, but Firefox, Safari or Microsoft’s Edge browser should work as well.  Please do not share this registration link outside your farmers’ market.

Vendor Membership Plans

When you follow the vendor registration link, you will find a table from which you need to select the type of membership you want (Fig. 1).  All of the memberships currently include the same features, including the free membership.  We are making this service free to help farmers’ market vendors through the COVID-19 pandemic, but if you are able to contribute a small amount monthly to help us with the costs of hosting and maintaining the service as well as supplying support, we would deeply appreciate it.  Please click on the button below the membership level you want, free, $5/month, $10/month or $15/month.  You may cancel at any time.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Vendor membership plan table

Fig. 1. Vendor Membership Table

Once you have selected your membership level, you will be taken to a form for you to enter your store’s information (Fig. 2).  First, please choose a username such as your store’s name, your name, etc.   Please keep in mind that once you select a username, it can not be changed.

Next enter the email address you want to use for your store’s account.  Once you complete your email address and move to the next field, either using the “tab” key or with your cursor, the site will automatically generate a six-digit verification code and send it to the email address you entered.  Before you select “Register” at the bottom of the form, you must go to your email account and copy that link over to this form, or the site will not allow you to submit the form.  This is a precaution to make certain that you use an email address that you control.  If you need the code resent, there is a “Re-send Code” button provided.

Next enter your first name, last name and store name.  Your store name will be used in the link to your individual store page, such as  The site will automatically check to make sure your store name is unique.  Please double check to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Next you will enter your address.  The country field automatically selects the United States, but you must enter the city/town and select a state.  If you do not enter your city/town or select a state, you will not be able to submit the form.  Then enter your zip code and store phone and select a password.  Please use a strong password and enter it twice.  The site will tell you if the password you choose is strong and will confirm that you have entered the password exactly the same in both password fields.  Then click on the register button to continue.

Tip:  Please check out the LastPass app for securely managing your passwords and creating really strong passwords. 

Fig. 2. Vendor Registration Form on

If you have selected the free membership, you will be taken to a confirmation page and will need to click the proceed button to finalize your registration.  If you have selected a payment plan, you will be taken to a payment selection form (Fig. 3).  Click on the radio button next to “Credit of Debit Card” and then click on the “proceed” button.  The proceed button will be grayed out until you select the radio button.

Fig. 3. Payment selection page.

Next, you will be taken to a Stripe form to complete your subscription (Fig. 4).  We use Stripe because it is a very secure payment gateway.  We do not save your credit or debit card information on our servers.  Our connection with Stripe is also encrypted.  You can rest assured that your transaction is secure.   Fill out your email address, card information, name on the card and your zip code, then select the “subscribe” button.

Fig. 4. Stripe payment form

Finally, you will be taken to our thank you form (Fig. 5).  Congratulations!  You have applied to be a vendor!  As another security precaution, we are requiring that all vendor registrations be approved based on the vendor list provided by your physical farmers’ market.  

Fig. 5. Registration thank you page.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to your vendor dashboard (Fig. 6).  If you forget, or the link doesn’t work, you can always login on the My Account page.  We suggest that you bookmark this link so you can quickly find it when you need it.

Fig. 6. Vendor registration confirmation email.


If you ever get stuck in a loop that takes you back to the “My Account” page, please try clearing your browser cache before contacting Support (  This will often take care of any issues.  It’s good for a lot of other sites, too ;).  You can find instructions for clearing all major browsers, including your smart phone’s, at

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